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New word.  It was created at 9:36 PM on Friday, January 30th.


Isn't it catchy? =D  A friend and I created it when I felt I needed to describe something as more than awesome.

So use it in places where awesome is just not enough, please! 

Example of usage:  "That youtube video was phantazmaliciosus!"

We're going to try to get it published so that we can call Webster and have it added to the dictionary. ^__^

I should read....Frindle, was it?

I hope they have it at one of my libraries.... (I go to two different libraries regularly because one is simply not enough! XD)
We're really hoping for it to catch on. We've already got a few of our friends saying it. ^__^

Well, spread the "word" and I hope your day is phantazmaliciosus!


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Jan. 31st, 2009 05:02 pm (UTC)
Jim and Pete have come up with a word to mean larger than ginormous. Humongatron. A combination of humongous and JumboTron--the scoreboard at the HSBC Arena, which is itself rather ginormous. ;-D
Feb. 2nd, 2009 05:27 am (UTC)
I love new words!! I'll be sure to use humongatron in my daily speech now. XD I love the strategic icon selection. ;D I need to make more icons. There are a lot that I admire, but I'm determined to make quite a few of them myself. I think I'll make an animated one in a bit. Also involving Klaus's butt, ironically, which looks QUITE humongatron (in a good way) at one particular point....
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