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Pumpkin Klaus!  If this is not the first Klaus pumpkin ever carved then I am hoping I'm given photographic proof.  This was done a few days before Halloween.

Post post post.....post post.

Sooo, it's been a while....yes.  Anyway, look at THIS: http://vkacademy.deviantart.com/art/From-Eroica-With-Love-123722105

Alex found it and it made me squee. >__< It is phantazmaliciosus.

I'm not feeling very talky right now, so that is all. =3





Ever since I did that rice thing for Celebration of Hope my body has been rejecting all types of normal food.   It sucks.  I wonder if pizza would upset it....perhaps I'll try tonight.  Chris is coming over in a bit, so that should be fun! ^__^  The anime convention is less than a week away and I CANNOT wait to see my Amanda!! She lives in Houston so we only manage to get to see each other twice a year.  I'm really glad that I've made the decision to get into cosplay.  It's really made my life quite happy, if you can believe that. XD  I used to hate shopping but now I know I only hated it because of the uncertainty of it all.  Now I'm constantly on the lookout for new pieces that I could use for cosplay and have found that it's a lot more fun when you know what you're looking for. ^__^  It's especially exciting when you find something PERFECT....and then some. XD

Like how Jenny needed a gun for one of her cosplays and I found one at the dollar store that not only looks cool but makes clicking noises and sparks when you pull the trigger! XD  I mean, this wouldn't normally excite an adult, but when I found it, I was THRILLED!  We had been looking for them for a while, so the relief of finally finding it was overwhelmingly delicious. XD

I think Leaf might want some, too, but I'm not sure if she wants me to buy her one or two....only problem being, I've completely run out of cash.  I've got a debit card, but I always feel weird if I go somewhere and pay for a 5 dollar purchase with plastic....


I should really update my interests on here, but I'm just too lazy. XD  I guess I prefer when people ask instead of just reading a list...

Meh.  I am strange. *shrug*  Oh, and did I mention that I made a new icon?  *points*  The Eroica fans on Tegaki e Japan are AMAZING. XD  Also, I've been looking around for a bunch of Eroica fanart and was wondering if any of you would like to trade folders so that we can expand our collections. ^__^  I've got a lot of random stuff from japanese sites which I think are amazing, so please consider it. ^__^

Well, I should probably take a shower as Chris will most likely be here any minute. @__@

Jaa, bai ba~i!

I love it!!!

Mar. 20th, 2009

I like how LJ reminds me that my own birthday is coming up. XD Well, I suppose one of these days I'll forget. XD

Leafy and, hopefully, Chris will be coming over on Sunday to help me celebrate. XD We're going to go to the thrift store and buy something hideously pleasing and then go out to eat. Believe it or not, we've done this before and we all loved it. XD I should wear my wig, too. XD It's best when nobody can recognize you... XD That'd be kinda hard to eat in, though..... Ooo! I wonder if Leafy would be willing to give us weird make-up, too. XD

Yeah, geeks have fun in strange ways but it's 10 times better than going to some bar and getting so drunk you can't remember anything that happened and you have a hangover the next day. *rolls eyes at people who think that's "fun"* I'll just never understand it since I don't drink. ^__^;
Well, probably going to go to Al's today....ooo! Speaking of which, I finally took pics of that treadmill wall!
Click for pictures! ^__^Collapse )

Trench coat! You tease!!

I was at the mall the other day and saw a rather Klaus-like trench coat, so, of course, had to try it on.

But as I was unbuttoning it to get it off the hanger, I felt like I was... undressing him...... especially since it was hanging pretty high up, so... yeah...
It was like undressing a tall man...and what better man to undress than..... *blush*

I felt like giggling, but didn't since I was with my mom. XD I did, however get a garbled text to Leaf's email expressing my strange, yet satisfying, elation. XD

Now I'm afraid that I'm going to dream of trench coats and all that I'll find inside will be....a plastic hanger. TT___TT

Remember that part in Glass Target when Klaus was washing Dorian's perfume smell out of his clothes and he was wearing his trench coat?
There's one panel where he just looks like a trench coat flasher because you can't see that he's wearing pants!! XD

Anyway, just thought I'd share....

Fireplace for kittens....

OMG, this is so cute it'll make you puke....but still worth watching. XD

Tech-no-logical. RO-MANCE!!

Here's a fun link for Valentine's Day:  www.homestarrunner.com/tgs12.html

I love Teen Girl Squad. XD

Gotta love RSS feeds....

Ah...so new to everything on livejournal, so I need to test out everything.  Let's see what happens when I try to embed something using html, shall we?

Such random stuff on RSS feeds....I can't help but get addicted!

"I want pie!!"  "I want beef jerky!!"